About Michael Wilhelm

For more than two decades I have spent my free time in pursuit of experiences with the natural wonders of our planet. The camera has been a constant companion on this quest, serving as a tool to record and to slow the pace, requiring pauses and giving subtle splendors a chance to reveal themselves. What some might call patience I regard as therapy–a reason to sit quietly and pay close attention to surroundings. It is a blessing that our natural world offers so many intriguing rewards to the quiet observer. As an independent photographer, I have covered editorial assignments, portraits, weddings and product photography. I particularly enjoy action photography and have branched my business into preserving memories of children engaged in their sporting activities. The effort to showcase my work has evolved in to a passion for website design and coding. I love the process of beginning with a design and putting all of the parts together to create something functional and friendly to the audience. My greatest reward comes from sharing it all with my son Ian and enjoying the discoveries that are made when following his lead.

About The Photographs

The photographs on this site are available on a rights-managed basis, and I make every effort to offer them at competitive prices according to use and budget. The images come from my pursuit of descriptive visuals while on assignment and exploring my interest in travel and nature. I have set an affordable base price to make images available for as many personal uses as possible. Please notice the price adjustment for various commercial uses you may have.